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The Culinary Advantage

Food experts specializing in edible oils have long known that Cottonseed Oil is used as a standard for comparison of oils for flavor and performance. Learn more about one of the best- kept secrets in the food business by ordering a copy of The Culinary Advantage. It's FREE. Read more about this brochure that describes how Cottonseed Oil benefits foodservice operators and chefs worldwide.



The Secret Ingredient You'll Never Taste

Success is in the Details
If you have not consciously considered the choice of an oil, now may be the time. Some such seemingly mundane matters may not be top-of-mind. Yet, in analyzing success in most any type of endeavor, it is clear that every detail and choice along the way matters.

In foodservice, one such decision is which cooking or salad oil to use. Oil selection is an important, but often overlooked, factor that impacts the bottom line in two ways-the taste and quality of food and the length of fry life. The Culinary Advantage contains information on what many experienced chains and astute foodservice operators consider their culinary advantage-Cottonseed Oil.

The Message
Cottonseed oil does not overpower other flavors; it enhances rather than masks the natural tastes of foods. It is also naturally stable and has a higher smoke point than most cooking oils. With these pluses, Cottonseed Oil can be used in countless new dishes trend-wise diners seek, including:

Fish and Seafood
These delicate flavors team well with flavor-neutral Cottonseed Oil.

Bring on the Heat
Cottonseed Oil can deliver the heat and spice of intensely flavored foods.

Stir-Fries and Noodle Dishes
As a traditional oil in Asian cuisine, Cottonseed Oil helps keep flavors true.

A Global Ingredient
Cottonseed Oil is widely used around the world and it is ideal for replicating these exotic tastes in local kitchens. Get inspiration for new opportunities in ethnic cuisine.

Have you caught on to the deep-fried turkey phenomenon?
Cottonseed Oil is perfect for the job.

Foods on the Fry

Deep-Fat Frying's Draw
Unlike other cooking methods, there is little deep-fat frying done in the home. One of the biggest draws a foodservice operator has is the ability to serve tempting foods that cannot easily be replicated at home.

Menu Versatility
Fried foods offer versatility-almost any type of food can be deep-fried. Chicken, fish and French fries, for example, can be served with trendy condiments and seasoning to satisfy America's desire for big, new flavors.

        "I've been using Cottonseed Oil for over 22 years. I like its clean flavor-it doesn't overwhelm other flavors. To me, Cottonseed Oil is a universal oil." John Sola, Executive Chef, The Daily Grill, Los Angeles, CA
Back-of-the-House Benefits
Deep-fat frying offers several operational benefits during both frenetic and slow times.
        "For over 50 years, Cottonseed Oil has been a key ingredient in making our delicious fried chicken. Thousands of customers agree: 'Brown's Chicken: It Tastes Better.'" Frank Portillo, President, Brown's Chicken & Pasta, Inc. Oak Brook, IL
Four Tips for the Perfect Fry
No matter if the potato is cut long, curled or waffled, cooking French fries takes skill and attention to detail. The Culinary Advantage offers four important tips for french fry excellence.

An Advantage in the Kitchen and on the Table

Perfect Preparation
Cottonseed Oil is a highly versatile oil and is ideal for:

-Deep-Fat Frying
-Stir-Frying/Wok Cooking
-Salad Dressings
-Cutting Expensive Oils
    "I like Cottonseed Oil's versatility. I use it in an olive oil blend. For sauteing, I appreciate its high burn point." Michael Tsonton, Executive Chef, Tizi Melloul Restaurant, Chicago, IL
Give Your Frying Oil an Extra Lease on Life
Taking good care of frying oil helps contain costs. The Culinary Advantage lists ten essential tips for maximizing fry-life.

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