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A Point of View
For five generations, the Cobb family  has grown cotton, starting in Arkansas,  and now in the fertile Mississippi Delta.   While consistently producing good crops of the white gold, this notable family, like many others across the Belt, is daily applying new and innovative methods for improving cotton production. 

In the footsteps of his great grandfather and those who followed him, Brad Cobb continues to set the pace for his family by planting high quality cottonseed in order to achieve the bestpossible yields.

Brad "knows" his cottonseed as well as he knows his gin and his friends who ultimately  crush the seeds at the oil mill.

"My point of view is pretty simple. In the cotton business you have to keep  learning everything there is to know about  how to improve your profit opportunities.

If there is a simple message tucked away in Brad's point of view, it is this. Growers need to learn more about how the value-added products from cottonseed can have a positive effect on their profit margin. High quality cottonseed yields more oil and protein that ultimately adds value to the end products after processing.

Brad also depends on the efforts made by cottonseed oil mills to work within the industry to develop and promote profits from cottonseed, and to improve the markets for products such as cooking oil. 

If the price of cottonseed oil can improve by only a penny per pound, the added value to the cottonseed crop would exceed $24 million in an average year.  Imagine what an impact that would have on the cotton producers' bottom line.

Depending on your point of view... it's something to think about.

"If it's important to you, it's important to us."
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